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50% of the cost of this book will go towards lake restoration. 

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Anand Malligvad
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We work with speed and transparency. We aim to get approvals fast and get the ground running once the appropriate lake is selected for rejuvenation.  With a standard 90 day deadline in mind, we want to make sure that all the aspects of rejuvenation of the water body can be completed on time.

We commit to being transparent with the progress and communicating the necessary requisites for documentation. Whilst working on these lakes we have a period of 2 years of nurturing the project after which communities are engaged to continuously monitor the trees planted and nurse them for future. 

Apart from rejuvenation of water bodies, we have also begun the process of plantation and landscaping of already rejuvenated projects through excess weed removal and plantation drives through corporates. 

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If you want to create an Impact through the Malligavad Foundation, It would be amazing to have you on board. We are always looking for people who are path breaking and innovative when it comes to solutions related to the environment.

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